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Are electronic cigarettes a viable alternative?

An electronic fag, generally a cylindrical plastic device a little bigger than a normal tobacco cigarette, is powered by an internal battery – often a rechargeable lithium-ion. A miniature heater and replaceable nicotine cartridge are used to generate a mist or vapour supposedly laden with the poisonous but popular and addictive drug, which is then inhaled by the user. Manufacturers claim lack of tar makes them more “healthy” although users will still become addicted to the nicotine.

Unfortunately there are two problems with these new high tech machines. Firstly the exposure to others of third hand smoke (nicotine left on surfaces) is greater:


Secondly, they do not always provide the nicotine that users will require:


See more details on the workings of the e-cigarettes here:



3 Responses

  1. Considered to be the safest alternative to tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are as good as they sound. Essentially, they’re cigarette-shaped devices that do not require a flame. While electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine, it is the only chemical that users inhale, allowing them to satisfy their cravings while avoiding most of the health risks of smoking. Smokelessdelite is the world’s largest distributor of electronic cigarettes and is committed to providing smokers with the nicotine sensations they are used to without the added social and medical problems.

  2. An added benefit is the ability for the electronic smoker to smoke in virtually any place or any environment. Pubs, Clubs, restaurants, theaters

  3. You get all of the feeling of smoking, even the “smoke,” without any of the harmful side-effects and chemicals that are in regular tobacco smoke. Not only that, but you can use the e-cigarette anywhere!! It emits only water vapor, not smoke, as you puff on it, so you can use it in all the otherwise forbidden zones: public places, family gatherings, even restaurants and stores.

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