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Read Darwin’s On the Origin of Species online (first edition scans)

Some found it hard to accept the logical outcome of Darwin's ideas

Darwin’s On the Origin of Species by Natural Selection remains one of histories most important scientific publications. It laid out the Theory of Evolution in a new way by including Darwin’s idea of Natural Selection as an explanation of how evolution occured. Although his ideas have not always been popular, they opened the door for the modern theories surrounding evolution.

Darwin's first sketch of a "Tree of Life", the concept that all life emerged from a common ancester

According to the eminent late evolutionary biologist Ernst Mayr, “Eliminating God from science made room for strictly scientific explanations of all natural phenomena; it gave rise to positivism; it produced a powerful intellectual and spiritual revolution, the effects of which have lasted to this day.”

Read a page-by-page scan of the first edition here:


Note: See this post to see that many still do not fully accept the ideas.

See this discussion from the Independant to see how important Darwin’s idea was.

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